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GMAT and MBA Admissions Consulting Testimonials and Successes

Sam T., Chicago, Illinois
2019 Client – Scored 710!
"Thank you again for all of the time you spent with me and the coaching you provided. I really appreciated everything. I definitely would not have improved my score without you, and for that I'm grateful."

Devon K., Santa Monica, California
2018 Client – Scored 730!
"I got a 730 (Q48,V42)!!!! I am so happy with the results, and I could not have done it without your help! I have already recommended you to multiple friends and coworkers and will continue to do so! Thank you so much again!"

Alan G., Los Angeles, California
2018 Client – Scored 730!
"Thank you so much for your help... Your unique timing strategies in particular proved to be very useful on the test."

Ryan K., Hermosa Beach, California
2018 Client – 60 Point Increase, Scored 750!
"Stuart was an excellent GMAT tutor! Prior to hiring Stuart I had scored 690 on the GMAT multiple times. After 6 sessions, I retook the exam and scored a 750. Stuart's teaching materials were extremely helpful and he tailored the lesson to target my weak spots. His assigned study material in between sessions and did a fantastic job drilling in the fundamentals and repetition required to work your way through the GMAT. My advice to anyone working with Stuart is to be up front and honest with him on exactly what you're struggling with or need on the test, and he will provide you with the tools you need to improve your score. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to achieve a high score on the GMAT!"

Wharton MBA

Justin M., Goleta, California
2017 Client – Scored 740 and Accepted at Wharton!
"Stuart Park truly is Simply Brilliant.

I studied for 15 months for the GMAT and finally (after several attempts) scored a 740. I used a ton of materials (GMATHacks, Manhattan, Veritas, Kaplan, GMATClub), and I must say that Stuart was the most valuable investment I made during my GMAT crusade.

The beauty of the GMAT is that it is truly is a reasoning test, not a knowledge test. Stuart has a more acute sense of that than anyone else I came across (or any material I used) in the 15 months I spent studying for this test.

When I started working with Stuart, I was amazed at how clear and simple most of his material was. He pointed out that the GMAT is not about knowing tons of obscure facts or one-off examples but rather it is about fundamentally understanding a core set of principles inside and out. Looking back now, I can see how right he was.

Stuart really helped me approach the GMAT intelligently. Before working with him, I mostly just tried to cram information and mathematical facts into my head. I had a weak understanding of the fundamentals, and the GMAT will crush you for that.

Apart from teaching me those fundamental concepts, Stuart functioned as barometer for what sorts of questions and topics were not worth my time. There are millions of books, videos and GMAT-like questions out there, and most of them are not representative of what the GMAT likes to test. Having someone like Stuart to say, "I wouldn't worry about that," or, "you need to be able to factor faster," is really helpful. You might think that's a minor point, until you only have a month until your exam and you need to use your time wisely.

Furthermore, Stuart's rates are a fraction of what most test prep companies charge. He doesn't lock you into packaged deals; he is very flexible on scheduling; and I truly did get a sense that he cares more about the success of the client than the money. Truthfully, he could charge a lot more than he does, and he frequently went over time with me to make sure I understood whatever problem we finished our sessions on.

Stuart really is also a class act. I really cannot emphasize that enough. The GMAT is a stressful, time-consuming exam that really tests your resolve. Having someone as positive and encouraging is more of an asset than one might think. It made a big difference to me.

I'd recommend Stuart to anyone studying for the GMAT who is looking to improve on the quant section, the verbal section or both (like me). Stuart can teach you the basics or help you refine your approach in specific areas. Moreover, he's punctual, professional and more responsive over email than a stockbroker on commission.

Thanks again Stuart, and I hope to see you soon! I feel lucky to have worked with you!"

Wharton MBA

Justin P., New York, New York
2017 Client – Scored 760 and Accepted at Wharton!
Congratulations, Justin, and thank you for your referrals!

Stanford GSB MBA

Sam D., Washington, DC
2016 Client – Scored 770 and Accepted at Stanford GSB!
"Working online with Stuart Park from Simply Brilliant Prep was a game changer in my GMAT experience. I scored a 770 on the exam, exceeding my wildest expectations, and I have Stuart to thank! I spent the months leading up to my test date working with Stuart online on a one-on-one basis. Going into this experience, I had resisted signing up for a GMAT class or tutoring. Yet after months of slogging through practice exams and problems, I figured I would give a tutor a shot. Stuart introduced incredible clarity and focus to my studying, empowering me with eye-opening strategies to manage my time, navigate GMAT tricks, and employ straightforward approaches in responding to the most challenging problems. With Stuart, I gained individualized attention and support – working with him gave me true 'bang for my buck.' I can’t recommend him strongly enough, and will continue to talk him up to my colleagues and friends pursuing the GMAT."

Jake M., San Diego, California
2016 Client – 30 Point Increase, Scored 730 and Accepted at Wharton!
"If you are looking for a private tutor for the GMAT Stuart is your guy! After feeling frustrated with my lack of improvement on the GMAT quant section I sought out a private tutor to help explain some of the more challenging topics. Stuart is extremely professional and explains material in a way that is clear, concise, and most importantly different from what I had experienced with the major test prep company I was using. He tailors each lesson to your individual learning style and provides true value each time you meet. I started my GMAT journey with a very unbalanced score. I was somewhere around 42V, 38Q. By the time I finished working with Stuart and Simply Brilliant I was scoring a 48Q. Stuart helped explain quant in a way that made sense. He helped build my foundational knowledge w/ topics such as geometry, probability, and basic algebra. If you are looking to improve your GMAT score and are committed to putting in some work, Simply Brilliant is the way to go!"

Wharton MBA

Anna A., New York, New York
2015 Client – Scored 750 and Accepted at Harvard Business School!
"I loved your methodology - it helped me a lot."

Harvard Business School MBA

Irene L., Los Angeles, California
2015 Client – Scored 750!
"I'm the type of person who thoroughly researches before choosing a private tutor, and I would recommend Stuart to anyone taking the GMAT!"

Columbia Business School MBA

Kristen M., New York, New York
2015 Client – 50 Point Increase, Scored 710 and Accepted at Columbia!
"I can't recommend Simply Brilliant more highly. If you feel like you have plateaued with your GMAT prep and need an extra boost, Stuart should be your first call.

After getting waitlisted at a top B-School, I was called in by their AdCom committee and asked to retake the GMAT. At this point, I had already taken the test twice, scoring a 660 on my most recent attempt. To prepare for my first two tries, I had completed a Manhattan GMAT course and utilized the Economist's online platform to study but felt that I was unfocused and unsure how to take my prep to the next level. After a terrible experience with and far too much wasted time on another tutoring company, a friend recommended Simply Brilliant to me. I went to Stuart at the 11th hour (less than one month to prep for the test that could potentially get me into my dream business school) and it proved to be the best thing I could have done.

When I first reached out to Stuart, I was stressed, frazzled and, to be honest, completely freaking out. His positivity and encouragement helped to calm me down and refocus on what was important - studying! Despite my demanding work schedule (60+ hours/week), Stuart worked with my availability and made himself available whenever I needed to squeeze in a session. He taught me countless new strategies to implement on test day and really helped me work through my issues with timing (particularly for quant). For both quant and verbal, he was able to take me through mini-lessons on all the key material and then did targeted study based off my areas of weakness. Keep in mind, he was able to cover all of this with me in less than a month without making any topic feel rushed or glossed over. I quickly started seeing higher scores on my practice exams, which helped me to gain a bit of my confidence back before the test day arrived.

In the end, I was able to raise my GMAT score 50 points to a 710. I am absolutely positive that this increase was a direct result of Stuart's help - there's no way I would have raised my score that much without it.

Right after the test, I shared my score with Stuart via email, and he took the time to call and congratulate me right away. You can tell he truly cares about his customers and genuinely wants them to do well. Not only is he incredibly smart, but he's also lovely to work with."

Northwestern Kellogg MBA

Grace M., San Francisco, California
2015 GMAT & MBA Admissions Consulting Client – 40 Point Increase, Scored 730 and Accepted at Kellogg, Duke Fuqua & UT McCombs
"I just got a very exciting call from Kellogg! Not only was I admitted, but they offered me a $70,000 merit scholarship! Wow!! I'm going to Kellogg!!!"

Berkeley Haas EWMBA

Nicole E., San Francisco, California
2015 GMAT & MBA Admissions Consulting Client – Scored 710 and Accepted at UC Berkeley Haas!
"I worked with Stuart to polish my resume and prep for the GMAT. In my resume, he helped position my story strategically and highlight the progression in my career. I didn't have much time as I would have liked to prep before the GMAT, but Stuart was able to craft an effective study plan for me, focusing on the areas where I was weakest. His review sessions were very helpful and easy to follow, and he is a very patient tutor. The tips he offered on how to take the test helped me to achieve the score I wanted and get into UC Berkeley Haas. I highly recommend him!"

Stanford GSB MBA

Patrick C., Portola Valley, California
2014 MBA Admissions Consulting Client – Accepted at Stanford GSB!
Congratulations, Patrick!

USC Marshall MBA

Sam L., Oakland, California
2014 GMAT & MBA Admissions Consulting Client – 70 Point Increase, Scored 750 & Accepted at USC Marshall with a Full Tuition Scholarship!
"Prior to working with Stuart, I used the Manhattan GMAT self study curriculum and got a score of 680. Hoping to boost my score into the 700 range, I underwent the online private GMAT tutoring with Simply Brilliant. After working with Stuart for about 3-4 months, I was able to improve my score to 750, which is directly attributable to Stuart's help. I thought Stuart was a very patient teacher and a clear communicator. His well thought out curriculum and strong teaching skills helped me understand the nuances of harder GMAT questions and concepts. As a result, I was able to fill in gaps that I previously missed during the Manhattan GMAT self study and was able to get the higher score. In my experience, Stuart was very flexible with scheduling and I was able to get on his calendar even with short notice. Within 24 hours after my sessions, Stuart always followed up with practice questions to reinforce the content that we covered previously. Overall, I strongly believe that Stuart's services rivals the big name test prep services. Did I mention that his private sessions are a fraction of the price charged by Veritas and Manhattan GMAT? If you are looking for someone to help you get to the next level, I strongly recommend that you contact Stuart."

UPenn Wharton MBA

Christine F., Cupertino, California
2014 Client – Scored 780 and Accepted at Wharton!
Congratulations, Christine, and thank you for your referrals!

Kabir J., Austin, Texas
2014 Client – Scored 720!
Congratulations, Kabir!


Lincoln W., Washington, DC
2013 Client – 40 Point Increase, Scored 720 and Accepted at Columbia!
"I had been studying for the GMAT for about four months, and I was consistently testing around 680. Due to the lack of focus in my studying approach, I stopped seeing improvement in my practice test scores. Over the course of two months I did individual sessions and an accelerated group course with Stuart Park at Simply Brilliant. He is an attentive teacher, and his approach is both strategic and comprehensive. With Stuart's assistance, I managed to get my score up to a 720 on test day, and I was recently admitted to Columbia Business School."

University of Pennsylvania Wharton Executive MBA

Amit P., Union City, California
2013 Client – 140 Point Increase and Accepted at Wharton!
"Stuart helped me get into the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. My 1st GMAT score was fairly modest. The last time I took an exam like GMAT was almost 20 years ago and I just wasn't prepared. Beyond the knowledge of the material - which I could have learned through books, etc. - I was lacking the overall strategy and mental conditioning necessary to do well on the test. I was also facing a very tight deadline for application, so I had to get going fast. I started working with Stuart twice a week and saw an immediate improvement in practice tests. Stuart helped me with both skills training and test strategies. My GMAT score improved by more than 100 points in about 6 weeks of practice. I would highly recommend Stuart to anyone looking for help on the GMAT."

Chicago Booth MBA

Sid V., San Jose, California
2013 Client – 80 Point Increase, Scored 740 and Accepted at Chicago Booth!
"I am not a native English speaker and though I was familiar with the numerous rules from the MGMAT/Powerscore books, I was never fully comfortable implementing them. I decided that I needed some 1:1 tutoring for the Verbal section. I found Stuart on Craigslist and within a few hours of submitting my request on his website, he got in touch with me. He understood my problem areas and came up with a targeted strategy to address them. During our sessions I could see that Stuart was extremely well prepared for the classes and had a clear cut strategy for the various problem types. His strategies gave me more confidence to tackle the verbal sections and I scored a 740 (V41). Stuart is very patient and I would recommend him to anybody looking to improve their GMAT score."

Cornell Johnson MBA

Arthur N., Brooklyn, New York
2013 Client – Scored 700 and Accepted at Cornell Johnson!
"I started working with Stuart Park after what had already been a long journey five months prior (starting at a 420), beginning with him at around a 600. I knew I had the potential to score well into the 700's and knew that my issues had more to do with test-taking strategies, in addition to working at my verbal, which until then I had not addressed at all. Stuart was the most flexible teacher whom I encountered in my six months of test-prep work, and he catered his lessons to suit my needs. He did not simply give verbatim structured lesson plans. He was very professional, adept in both quant and verbal (though we only worked on verbal together), and he saw my potential and helped me focus and break past the barriers holding me back. Stuart is a great tutor and coach and my work with him ultimately helped me score a 700 on test day, around a month after I had started working with him. I recommend him with five stars."

UNC Kenan-Flagler MBA

Charles T., Denver, Colorado
2013 GMAT & MBA Admissions Consulting Client – 100 Point Increase and Accepted at UNC Kenan-Flagler!
"I took a Manhattan GMAT course and was initially scoring in the high 500's. However I needed some more help improving my speed and math score... I began working with Stuart Park about 8 months before I took my final GMAT exam. We first focused on question types of the GMAT that I was struggling with. Stuart did a great job of diving deep into specific question types. I liked how he had a lot of the material and books that I already possessed, which made it easy for him to focus on a particular question I was struggling with. He also offered some really helpful suggestions about study technique and test taking strategy (timing, preparation, day of test mindset, etc.) that helped me mentally prepare for such a big test. In the end, I ended up getting a 670 on the GMAT... If you're looking for someone to assist with any part of the business school application process, I highly recommend Simply Brilliant and Stuart Park."

Babson MBA

Marissa G., Medfield, Massachusetts
2013 Client – 120 Point Increase and Accepted at Babson!
"I decided to work with Stuart at Simply Brilliant after taking the GMAT and receiving an undesirable score. Stuart was phenomenal - he helped me improve my score by 120 points! Stuart is extremely well versed in the GMAT, both quant and verbal. From the beginning, Stuart was extremely prepared for each session. He provided solid tutorials and good examples to help me better understand the questions, as well as tips and tricks to help with test day. He was always very organized, and able to accommodate around my schedule. In addition, he was very patient with me, which is very important. I would highly recommend Stuart and Simply Brilliant for anyone who is looking for a GMAT tutor who is willing to go above and beyond and really will help you increase your score!"

Pepperdine Graziadio MBA

Kristin T., Los Angeles, California
2013 GMAT & MBA Admissions Consulting Client – Accepted at Pepperdine Graziadio!
"Stuart was an INCREDIBLE help for me when I was applying to B. School. I bought the Veritas prep book set and went throughout those on my own and then did sessions with Stuart a couple times of week to go over those concepts again and go over topics that I was having more trouble with. Stuart definitely added much more than the book provided which was what was the most helpful- the Veritas books provide a good basic lesson but going over it in depth more with Stuart definitely was extremely helpful and definitely translated into a higher score. I also had Stuart help me with my essays for my applications which made a truly incredible difference. He was very prompt in sending back revisions and had great feedback regarding key elements that B. Schools want to see in the essays. I was also under a major time crush getting my essays done and he was very sensitive and prompt with helping me get it in on time. I have had many tutors in my academic career for SAT, AP, etc. and Stuart has been by far the most helpful and most straightforward in terms of going over things that are going to translate into better results. Also, if you are looking for some advice on applications/essays, I would HIGHLY recommend hiring him to help. I really don't think I would have gotten into Pepperdine without his help."


Joe H., Washington, DC
2012 GMAT & MBA Admissions Consulting Client – Scored 760 and Accepted at Harvard Business School!
"I took the GMAT a few months ago and scored a 760. I relied mostly on self-study with books, but knew I needed a few sessions of instruction help. I didn't want to sign up for a full package of instruction or pay the $200+/hr for Manhattan GMAT/Kaplan/etc. If you're in the same boat I describe above, I strongly recommend Stuart at www.simplybrilliantprep.com. All the classes are one-on-one, and online via GoToMeeting, which I had never done before but worked well. It was a great way to round out before the test without spending a fortune. Stuart is very responsive and helpful, and worth a call or email to see if it's right for you."

Stanford Graduate School of Business MBA

Yael B., Palo Alto, California
2012 GMAT & MBA Admissions Consulting Client – Scored 750 and Accepted at Stanford GSB!
Congratulations, Yael, and thank you for all your referrals!

Wharton MBA

K.A., Newport Beach, California
2012 Client – Scored 720 and Accepted at Wharton, Chicago Booth and NYU Stern!
"I got into Wharton, Chicago Booth, and NYU Stern. I greatly appreciate your help on the GMAT and have recommended you and Simply Brilliant to some of my coworkers who are studying for the GMAT."

Duke Fuqua MBA

William L., Sunnyvale, California
2012 Client – 50 Point Increase, Scored 690 and Accepted at Duke Fuqua!
"I am happy to report a 50 point increase in my score. I was able to go from a 640 to a 690 thanks to your help. You were absolutely correct in pointing out my problems with time management. I was better able to manage my time on the verbal section and it helped me go from a 35 to a 42. =D Again, thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. This will definitely help me be more competitive for a top grad school. If I have any friends that need help with their GMATs in the future, I will definitely recommend you."

Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business MBA

Matt A., Los Gatos, California
2012 Client – 70 Point Increase and Accepted at Santa Clara Leavey!
"Stuart really put in the time and effort to help me focus on my weak areas and helped me improve my score by 70 points. He was very professional, an outstanding teacher and a great motivator. I definitely recommend Stuart to anyone who is looking for GMAT success!"

Santa Clara Leavey MBA

John S., Santa Clara, California
2012 Client – Accepted at Santa Clara Leavey!
"I would recommend Simply Brilliant to any serious MBA candidate who needs to prepare and attack the GMAT test with confidence and score above average."

UPenn Wharton MBA

Kristian V., San Francisco, California
2012 Client – 40 Point Increase, Scored 750 and Accepted at Wharton!
Congratulations, Kristian!

University of Michigan Ross School of Business MBA

Daniel K., Curitiba, Brazil
2012 Client – 30 Point Increase, Scored 690 and Accepted at Michigan Ross!
"It was really good working with Stuart, and I will surely recommend him to others. We did not have time to have a lot of classes, but in the short time we worked together, Stuart helped me to see where I could improve and how to solve each problem in the best way. I managed to improve 30 points on my score from 660 to 690."

Stanford University GSB MBA

Jason L., Palo Alto, California
2011 GMAT & MBA Admissions Consulting Client – Scored 710 and Accepted at Stanford GSB!
"Stuart is knowledgeable, patient, and well-equipped to help improve the score of any applicant. I enjoyed working with him."

Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management MBA

Member of the White House Staff, Washington, DC
2011 Client - 40 Point Increase and Accepted at Northwestern Kellogg!

UPenn Wharton MBA

Sebastian G., San Francisco, California
2011 Client – Scored 700 and Accepted at Wharton!
"This week I learned that I have been accepted to Wharton! I could not have tackled the GMAT without Stuart's help. It was a challenge for me to get back up to speed on my math skills and I had attempted it with both Manhattan GMAT classes and another private tutor but nothing worked until I found Stuart and immediately things began to fall into place. I initially was hesitant to do online tutoring so I opted for in-person sessions the first couple of times. After giving an online session a try, I realized that it actually worked well and was quite convenient. Thank you Stuart!"

Columbia University Business School MBA

Justin S., Los Angeles, California
2011 Client – Scored 740 Score and Accepted at Columbia!
"Before working with Stuart and in spite of having completed a 10-week course and copious amounts of self studying, I had difficulty hitting my target range on the GMAT. I decided to look for a private tutor for some more tailored help and found Simply Brilliant's ad on Craigslist. I had a couple in-person sessions with Stuart and found him to be great at answering any specific math questions (he's an applied math major from Harvard). After following his guidelines for a few months, I took the GMAT and did great. Let's just say that my score is firmly in the zone for all the top schools. He was also fantastic with both time-management planning and general test-day strategies. While these are generally regarded as being more "soft" skills, I found them both to be extremely valuable. He has been very helpful and responsive via email even when not on the clock and without a doubt went above and beyond what was required or even expected of him. I appreciate that and would surely recommend him to someone else."

Dartmouth Tuck MBA

Joe P., San Francisco, California
2011 Client – 70 Point Increase, Scored 760 and Accepted at Dartmouth Tuck!
"I was accepted into the Tuck class of 2014 after working with Stuart to bump my score from a 690 to 760. I had actually applied to business schools two years ago and had already read through the Princeton Review and Kaplan guides quite thoroughly. I had mastered the basics except a couple areas of weakness that started to become apparent once I starting drilling for my test, which I re-took this year. I met with Stuart to focus on those areas of weakness and he was able to give me direct feedback that helped me not only in the session but also in my own studying. Stuart was patient and had some great techniques for explaining difficult concepts. The biggest help is his ability to frame the test "tricks" which, while having little to do with everyday problem solving, are essential to master for getting a high score on the GMAT. I highly recommend Stuart to anyone who has put in a significant amount of study time on their own and are looking to break out of the inevitable "plateau" of progress to get to the next level."

UCLA Anderson MBA

Neel B., Mountain View, California
2011 Client – 70 Point Increase, Scored 680 and Accepted at UCLA Anderson, NYU Stern and USC Marshall!
"Before working with Stuart, I took a Veritas Prep Course and worked hard on homework and practice tests. The first time I took the GMAT I scored a 610. I thought I might need some extra help, so I contacted Stuart and he was a big help! I worked with him for a few 2 hour sessions and tried to apply his tips & tricks to the homework he assigned. He had some helpful slides, but none of the information was really new to me, sometimes it just takes a 1:1 touch and some patience to drive it home! Stuart is really patient and has a good way of not making you feel bad or dumb for getting something wrong, which makes the working session a lot easier and takes some pressure off. After a few sessions with Stuart and applying his techniques, I re-took the GMAT today was able to bump my score up to a 680 - a 70-point improvement! It's a relief to be more comfortable with my score and I found Stuart's sessions to be really helpful in getting my score to where I needed it to be. Well worth the time, money, energy."

Pepperdine Graziadio Business School MBA

Ryan B., Santa Monica, California
2011 GMAT & MBA Admissions Consulting Client – Accepted at Pepperdine Graziadio with a $75,000 Scholarship!
"Working with Simply Brilliant to prepare for not only the GMAT test itself, but also the lengthy application process was one of the best investments I have made. Stuart is very personable and more importantly extremely knowledgeable about every facet of the test. His insight into the principles covered on the exam and different test-taking strategies dramatically improved my score. I would estimate he lifted my score between 120-150 points. I also worked with the GMAT guru in San Francisco a few years back, and Simply Brilliant is MUCH better. Simply Brilliant's application consulting was also very beneficial. It helped me get a better understanding of what exactly schools were looking for on admissions essays and how to craft my story."

Indian Institute of Management MBA

Dev G., San Jose, California
2011 Client – 50 Point Increase, Scored 740 and Accepted at Indian Institute of Management!
"I worked with Stuart after taking the GMAT and not being satisfied with my score. There were specific areas that I wanted to work on and thus used one-on-one private tutoring sessions. Stuart was very receptive of what I was trying to accomplish and did not waste time on areas he realized I was already good at. I shared my past tests with Stuart, and we then worked on questions that I got wrong or on questions where I took too much time. Stuart shared great tips and strategies on handling all types of questions. A private tutor also helps you get a different perspective on things that you may not have seen before. It is very difficult to improve your score by pushing harder in the same direction as before. Sometimes you need someone else to come in and tell you to push from a slightly different angle. This is what I think Stuart helped me with most. In all, I found Stuart helpful in providing what I wanted from our sessions."

Columbia Business School At the Very Center of Business

Miguel P., Malibu, California
2011 GMAT & MBA Admissions Consulting Client – 100+ Point Increase, Scored 690 and Accepted at Columbia, NYU Stern and USC Marshall!
"I was very nervous about taking the GMAT because I had come to believe that I was simply not very good at taking standardized tests. I knew the quantitative section would be my weakness but didn't know where to begin studying. Stuart helped me focus, develop a study schedule, and plan when to take the exams. Most of all, he kept me motivated and I can honestly say I came to enjoy the process. The GMAT turned into a challenging game and every time I raised my score on the practice exams, I felt more confident. Stuart was very professional, patient, and enjoyable to work with. With his help I was able to raise my score well over 100 points and was accepted by all 3 schools I applied to: NYU, USC, and Columbia. I don't believe I could have achieved this without his help. Working with Stuart was one of the best decisions I have made throughout the process of applying to grad school."

Nanyang Technological University Singapore Nanyang Business School MBA

Dominic S., Orange County, California
2011 GMAT & MBA Admissions Consulting Client – Accepted at Nanyang and Thunderbird!
"I have worked with Stuart on GMAT and MBA application for several months, and his help was invaluable. Stuart's instruction and insights were top-notch. His ability to explain complex problems in an easy and understandable manner was remarkable. Not only did I find Stuart to be a fantastic instructor and advisor, but also I much appreciated his pleasant and honest personality. Besides the GMAT, Stuart helped me tremendously with my application essays and gave me great overall input and advice. I truly feel that my essays gave me the winning edge in getting accepted at a top school. During our entire working process together, Stuart was extremely organized, patient, and thoughtful. I enjoyed every session with Stuart. I would recommend Stuart to all my friends and to people who want the best."

University of Washington Foster School of Business MBA

M.S., Seattle, Washington
2011 MBA Admissions Consulting Client – Accepted at The University of Washington Foster and Rutgers!
"Need help with MBA Application? Here's your guy! Stuart exactly knows what you need. His precision and hardwork is definitely an asset to anybody looking for some immediate assistance. Extremely patient and completes work bang on time! You can totally rely on his work and not worry about the worth for your bucks. Wish I had even tutored with him for my GMAT. Nevertheless, a great resource for MBA admissions and a wonderful person who always has a ear for you. You are "Simply Brilliant" Stuart! Keep rocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Georgetown University McDonough School of Business MBA

Michelle R., Encinitas, California
2011 Client – 40 Point Increase and Accepted at Georgetown McDonough!
"You have to go to Stuart if you want to do well on your GMAT! I drove four hours round trip once a week to see Stuart just because I knew he was the best. All in all, after only four sessions I was able to raise my score 40 points! Before I had met Stuart, I had taken a Veritas course and self studied from the Manhattan GMAT books. I had been studying for the GMAT for over a year and had hit a brick wall with my score. Within the first session with Stuart, I learned so many concepts that I had not fully grasped from the books or the class. Stuart is a wonderful tutor because he is able to simplify the process so you understand the concepts and feel comfortable answering even the hardest questions. The best part about Stuart is that he truly is a GMAT genius! Not only has he scored in the 99% on the test, but also he knows all the GMAT prep book inside and out so he can give you the best strategies. Stuart pays close attention to your strengths and weaknesses and teaches you how to mentally conquer the GMAT. It is rare to find tutor who is intelligent, helpful, motivating and who genuinely wants you to do your best. I only wish I had met Stuart earlier in my GMAT process. I would highly recommend Stuart to anyone taking the GMAT."

Boston College Carroll School of Management MBA

Adam N., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2011 Admissions Consulting Client – Accepted at Boston College Carroll, Boston University Questrom and Babson!
"I worked with Stuart on my b-school applications and essays. I applied to four highly competitive schools for which my GMAT score was fairly below the average admitted student's score. Even though I thought the rest of my application was strong I was very nervous about my chances. After working with Stuart I was accepted to three of the four programs! My sessions started with an initial consultation, prior to which Stuart reviewed any material I had already written and during which he provided initial thoughts and feedback. More importantly, he provided me with a personalized application strategy and schedule. One of the best parts of working with Stuart is that at no point did the experience feel cookie cutter. I cannot stress enough how great it was to work with someone who made an effort to understand me, made me unique and a great candidate. I knew my ideas and story were compelling, but Stuart was able to coach me and help bring my essays to a level of quality that I would have otherwise never been able to obtain. His editorial and written communication skills were top notch. Lastly, even though I know I could not have been Stuart's only client, I would have never known it. He was incredibly responsive to all my e-mails and offered advice on any and all subjects that I could throw at him. I highly recommend Stuart, and believe anyone lucky enough to work with him will have an advantage over all other applicants."

Paul Z., Mountain View, California
2011 Client – 50 Point Increase, Scored 740!
"I recommend Stuart highly for anyone looking to improve their understanding and score on the GMAT. I previously took a Manhattan GMAT course online and hardly saw an improvement in my score despite putting in 15-20 hours of studying for many of the weeks leading up to taking the test. I was too focused on completing the problems instead of really focusing on understanding how to solve the problems first. Ultimately I was disappointed with my initial quant score and found Stuart. Stuart took a look at my diagnostic tests and we chugged through all of my weakest topics in 3-4 sessions. His emphasis on understanding the problems while studying and focusing less on the time really helped me. He also helped me nail down the easy problems like negatives/positives, digits and exponents instead of worrying about less common problems like combinatorics. Ultimately I saw a 50 point increase in my score and higher than I was shooting for after my initial test. I saw a 12% percentile improvement on my math score. 4 point improvement on my raw quant score."

Wharton UPenn MBA

Natalie O., Dallas, Texas
2010 Client – Scored 770 and Accepted at Wharton with a Scholarship!
"After initially not getting into the schools I wanted with a score of 650 (49 on the quant, 30 on the verbal), I worked with Stuart as my private tutor weekly for around 2 months on the verbal section in online sessions. Stuart presented material that was very pertinent to the verbal section of the exam and by discussing questions I had with him and talking through sample questions, I really started to feel confident about Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, and my approach to reading comprehension. When I took the exam again, I felt confident going in and got a 770 (50 on the quant, 42 on the verbal). I would definitely recommend Stuart going forward for those of you wanting to improve your verbal score!"

University of California Los Angeles Anderson School of Business MBA

Jeff R., Santa Monica, California
2010 Client – Achieved an 80 Point Increase and Accepted at UCLA Anderson!
"If you're taking (or re-taking) the GMAT, you need to call Stuart at Simply Brilliant prep. I took Stuart's 4-week online GMAT prep course and supplemented my prep with a few of his individual tutoring sessions. Stuart provides focused, personalized attention that is tailored to those areas where your preparation will produce tangible improvements in your GMAT score. Don't waste your time and money with costly one-size-fits all test prep mills. Spend your time and money wisely. Choose Stuart. With Stuart's help, I managed to increase my GMAT score by 80 points and gained admission to my first choice top-tier MBA program."


Patrick B., Hollywood, California
2010 Client – 130 Point Increase, Scored 710 and Accepted at UCLA Anderson and USC Marshall!
"After taking a 6-week online course and multiple practice exams, I was still struggling with my quantitative score and unable to break 600 or get above 40 percentile on quant on my practice exams. Stuart's instruction was exactly what I needed to get over this hurdle. Rather that sticking to a predetermined, one-size-fits-all approach to study, together we identified my weaknesses and tailor-made a program that would address these issues. Quickly we found that my score on practice exams jumped easily 50 points when I was able to keep my time on each question down to 2 minutes. Working off of this, we focused less on studying each concept and making sure I knew EVERYTHING, and more on tips and tools that would help me keep pace on my exam. We went over easy properties that, if I could commit to memory, would save me precious seconds on each questions. Maybe even most importantly, we looked at ways to quickly eliminate some answer possibilities on difficult questions, hopefully giving me a 50% chance of guessing the right answer and moving on, rather than wasting 4 or 5 minutes trying to answer the question as I was doing previously. For my particular situation, this was a great strategy. This approach, coupled with a strict study regimen, of course, worked wonders. I took my test and scored a 710 - a full 130 points higher than any score I had before studying with Stuart. Not only that, but my Quant score jumped from 40th percentile to 77th percentile. Best news of all - I have recently been accepted into UCLA, a top tier school I wasn't even planning to apply to until I was encouraged by the progress I made with Stuart. I highly recommend Stuart as a tutor, especially if you are looking for a tutor that can customize your study to your personal strengths and weaknesses."

Bentley University McCallum Graduate School of Business

Christina W., Irvine, California
2009/2010 GMAT & Admissions Consulting Client – Accepted at Bentley McCallum!
"Stuart is an amazing tutor / teacher and admissions consultant. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and reliable. Stuart is very organized and was always prepared for our sessions. He is flexible and accommodating not only with his schedule but also with his approach to teaching. Stuart is compassionate and understands that each individual has different challenges. Even though he is incredibly intelligent and well educated, I always felt comfortable asking him to explain basic concepts. Stuart’s never-ending patience and encouragement puts his clients at ease and provides an optimal learning environment. I never would have been able to realize my educational goals without him. If you are serious about getting a high score on the GMAT and being admitted to a top business school, then I highly recommend that you work with Stuart and utilize all the services he has to offer! Thank you Stuart! I attribute all my success to you!"

Columbia Business School Executive MBA
London Business School Executive MBA

Mark M., New York, New York
2009/2010 GMAT & MBA Admissions Consulting Client – Scored 700 Score and Accepted at Columbia-London Business School! (Dual EMBA)
"Stuart helped me bring my score from 570 on practice tests to 700 on the official GMAT! Thanks so much for everything, Stuart. Your help was so essential in getting into my first choice!!!!"

INSEAD The Business School for the World MBA

Hillary M., Tanzania, Africa
2010 Client – Accepted with a Scholarship at INSEAD!
"Stuart, thanks for all of your assistance and your kind approach. Your quant skill was rivalled only by your patience and understanding with a virtually innumerate student."

Dan H., Torrance, California
2010 Client – Achieved a 70 Point Increase!
"Thanks for your superb tutorial skills. Your support was wonderful, and I raised my score 70 points!"

Claremont Graduate University Drucker School of Management

Kristin O., Minneapolis, Minnesota
2010 Client – Achieved a 60 Point Increase and Accepted at Claremont Drucker!
"I took the GMAT twice before seeking out a private tutor.   I took a Kaplan course, and it did not boost my score as I had hoped.  I needed to increase my GMAT score 60 points.  Stuart is thorough and EXTREMELY patient.  I am HORRIBLE with numbers and a bit self conscious when it comes to math problems.  Stuart was patient and VERY supportive.  I took the GMAT for the third and final time and was able to improve my score exactly 60 points!  I couldn't have done it without Stuart as my private tutor!"


Yale S., Arcadia, California
2010 Client – Scored 740 and Accepted at INSEAD!
"I highly recommend Stuart for those seeking 1-on-1 assistance with their GMAT studies. Self study was only able to get me so far, and I had hit a wall where I was convinced I had reached my potential. One study session with Stuart obliterated that notion, and I was able to exceed my "best case" scoring expectations. The real value add comes from having an experienced pro that is able to analyze your problem solving abilities in real time, and diagnose how you can do things better and faster in ways that fit your idiosyncrasies. I was only able to spend 2 hours with Stuart, but I can say that it was easily worth 10 hours of self study. More importantly, he is able to give you psychological insights into why you aren't improving that a self study guide will never be able to provide you. Stuart is extremely personable, which makes a 2-hour session feel like 30 minutes. He's committed to keeping updated on your progress long after you leave his classroom. Finally, it's a huge confidence boost to know you prepared with the best. I was sure that I did everything within my means to prepare for the test, and I am thankful for the results."

Ann K., Los Angeles, California
2010 Client
"Stuart is an amazing tutor - incredibly patient and works to accommodate your pace, regardless of how much time you have before the exam. He did a quick crash course and I felt much better prepared for the exam. I highly recommend him if you need help with the GMAT, which I definitely did!"

Anderson MBA

Annapurna U., Los Angeles, California
2009 Client – Scored 760 and Accepted at UCLA Anderson!
Prepared for the GMAT with the Simply Brilliant online course - and nothing else! Congratulations, Annapurna!

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business MBA

David D., Los Angeles, California
2009 Client – Scored 710 and Accepted at Chicago Booth!
"Stuart’s help with GMAT test-taking strategies, sentence correction and tough quant problems helped me achieve a 99th percentile quant score and a 710 overall."

Cornell University SC Johnson College of Business MBA

Jenna V., Washington, DC
2009 GMAT & MBA Admissions Consulting Client – Achieved a 140 Point Increase, Accepted with a Scholarship at Cornell Johnson and Accepted at Georgetown McDonough!
"I give Simply Brilliant Prep the highest of recommendations to anyone trying to improve a standardized test score. Despite completing a reputable 9-week GMAT prep course with flying colors, I underperformed on my first go-round with the GMAT and was terribly disappointed with my score. In a stroke of luck, I found Stuart and Simply Brilliant online and immediately began private tutoring with him. I credit Stuart with my 140 point increase on the GMAT! Stuart has developed a comprehensive curriculum that guides students through every aspect of the GMAT, while tailoring each session's tutoring to address the particular questions and concepts challenging each individual. As an east-coaster, I had no difficulty "meeting" with Stuart online. In fact, I preferred it. While relaxing in my own house, I was able to work with Stuart one-on-one for one to two hours a session. All materials were well-prepared and clearly presented. Stuart's mastery of GMAT math and English is so obvious, it is easy to have great confidence in his guidance. It is also easy to feel at ease with Stuart. He is warm, understanding, and supportive. He not only gives you the tools you need to boost your GMAT numbers, but builds the confidence you need in yourself to approach the test with a clear, strong head. As an added bonus, Stuart also offers sessions to help you with your business school applications and constantly lends his business-school-savvy and perspective to you throughout tutoring. It is because of Stuart that I have been able to maintain a competitive edge in my business school application process. I was able to apply to top schools with my improved GMAT scores. I recently was accepted to Georgetown's McDonough School of Business and Cornell's Johnson School. I can not emphasize how essential it is to have a good tutor to guide you through that challenging test; I whole-heartedly recommend Stuart's Simply Brilliant Test Prep as the program that truly delivers."

Eli R., Los Angeles, California
2009 Client
"Stuart's Simply Brilliant test prep program is as good as it gets. In a very short period of time when I was busy with my full-time job, Stuart helped me to boost my GMAT score almost 100 points. Stuart is so well versed in the GMAT material that he has virtually memorized the problems in official guides. His private tutoring rates are less than half the top programs like Manhattan GMAT, and he is at least as effective."

Northwestern University Graduate School Master’s

Lauren C., Los Angeles, California
2009 Client – Achieved a 110 Point Increase and Accepted for Master’s at Northwestern!
"Stuart's assistance with my GMAT preparation was invaluable. I studied on my own originally and took the test, but was not happy with my score. However, after a few private sessions with Stuart and additional studying in the areas where I was having the most trouble, I was able to retake the exam and increased my score by 110 points! The best part about Stuart's teaching methods was that we went over topics and strategies that weren't in any of my test prep materials from other companies. It was definitely worth it after I encountered many of those topics on the exam and knew immediately how to tackle them. Most professional and knowledgeable GMAT tutor around!"

UCLA Anderson MBA

S.U., Los Angeles, California
2009 Client – Accepted at UCLA Anderson!
"It really was a good decision that I made to sign-up for your course. The best thing that I liked is your sharing of the knowledge of the shortcuts to solve some problems both Quant and Verbal. I never thought there would be hard-rules for verbal like Quant but you shared those exceptions, which will definitely help students like me. Another important thing is that I used to think I never needed any help in Quant. But your Quant skills and shortcuts, especially with ratios and number properties (I can never forget the remainder question in my life now), have proved that I could benefit greatly. Finally, the Reading Comprehension suggestion worked for me brilliantly. To conclude, the course was definitely worth more value than its price. Thanks much for all your help."

USC Marshall School of Business MBA

Harpal S., Los Angeles, California
2009 Client – Achieved a 160 Point Increase and Accepted at USC Marshall!
"Working with Stuart helped me increase my GMAT score 160 points. His strategies, knowledge of the test material, and overall intellect were critical to tackling the more complex problems and concepts on the exam. He takes a no-nonsense approach to tutoring sessions, offers very competitive rates and is professional in his practice. If you're looking to get an edge on the GMAT, I would HIGHLY recommend Stuart."

Pepperdine Graziadio Business School MBA

Sam P., Downey, California
2009 Client – Achieved a 100 Point Increase and Accepted at Pepperdine Graziadio!
"Stuart was a tremendous help with my GMAT preparation. I was new to the whole "online learning session" but his methods proved fruitful. With a combination of in-person and online sessions he helped me improve my score by 100 points. It was his attention to detail, follow through, and motivational reassurance that gave me the capability to succeed. Stuart offered great tips, and taught me to improve my areas of weakness. Every session was planned and executed extremely well. I highly recommend him to anyone preparing for the GMAT. He is knowledgeable, personable, and has a great sense of humor."

Duke Fuqua School of Business MBA

Lindsay Z., San Francisco, California
2009 Client – Achieved a 700+ Score and Accepted at Duke Fuqua, NYU Stern, UCLA Anderson and UNC Kenan-Flagler!
"I had worked with another tutor before Stuart and felt nothing but frustration after spending time and money to learn nothing beyond what was in my practice materials. I knew instantly that Stuart was going to make the difference I needed when he was clearly prepared for our first meeting, having looked over my practice tests to know what specific areas I needed to target. To me this showed that tutoring is something he takes seriously and is accomplished in, not just something he does on the side. Stuart has a vast collection of need-to-know rules and tricks you won’t find in any published prep materials. He takes a professional approach, is easy to work with, and is quick to respond to any questions. I know it is because of him I got the score I once felt was out of my reach."

USC Marshall MBA

Evan K., Los Angeles, California
2009 Client – Scored 690 and Accepted at USC Marshall!
"Stuart was very helpful in my pursuit of reaching my GMAT goals. Stuart's tutoring, guidance, and encouragement were all a big reasons I was able to significantly increase my score. Prior to working with Stuart I completed a Kaplan prep course, but still felt very unprepared to reach my GMAT goals. I experienced noticeable improvement on my practice tests within a couple of weeks of working with Stuart and ultimately achieved a 690 on the official GMAT."

Naghmeh R., Orange County, California
2009 GMAT Client – Achieved a 100 Point Increase!
"Stuart is an exceptional educator. GMAT math is not basic math, rather a more complex version of the basics. Stuart is uniquely adept at teaching the foundation of the GMAT quantitative topics then adding the layers of difficulty necessary to tackle the math successfully. I initially enrolled in a group class from one of the many companies without much improvement in my score. Stuart made a significant contribution in my approach to the GMAT. I improved my overall score by 100 points! Stuart is a professional who seamlessly adjusts his teaching style to a wide range of students' levels. Further, Stuart's AWA templates were a great tool to help me quickly structure my essays. I scored a 6.0 on the AWA, with little preparation."

Pepperdine MBA

Kiyumars K., Los Angeles, California
2008/2009 Client – Achieved an 80 Point Increase and Accepted at Pepperdine Graziadio!
"Before I took the GMAT exam for the first time, I had already taken one of the elite GMAT prep classes. But when I applied to my first-choice business school, I was told that I needed to raise my GMAT score to get in. That was when I found Stuart, and I worked with him for a few weeks. He was patient, easy to understand, and he made a huge difference for me. I raised my score by 80 points and got accepted! Now that I'm in business school, Stuart has again proven to be an invaluable resource. His tutoring has helped me successfully navigate the required quantitative methods / statistics course material. Stuart's rates are very reasonable, too, especially when you consider that you'd pay 2 to 3 times his hourly rate for an instructor of his caliber from any of the big GMAT prep companies. Stuart also teaches for one of the elite GMAT prep companies, so I'm glad I found him directly online. It's hard to find anyone in the Los Angeles area with Stuart's qualifications. He is the real deal!"

UC Irvine Paul Merage School of Business MBA

Jenn K., Century City, California
2009 Client – Achieved a 60 Point Increase and Accepted at UC Irvine and USC Marshall!
"I first took my GMAT in 2007 after completing a prep course, but was not happy with my score (510). Now, two years later, I decided to give the GMAT another shot. 6 weeks before I retook the GMAT, I realized I needed more help in order to achieve a solid score, and that's when I found Stuart. I met with Stuart for 2 hours a week until my test date, and I could not have been more pleased with the help I received. Stuart is professional, knowledgeable, and most important of all, personable. While it may be easy for one to find a tutor who is knowledgeable, in my opinion, it is not always easy to find someone who is knowledgeable AND a pleasure to work with. Stuart answered all of my questions with patience, and while I might have been able to solve a question correctly, he was able to show me how I could improve on my timing by solving it more quickly and efficiently, which is KEY to scoring well on the GMAT. I retook my GMAT last Friday and my score went up 60 points! If you're serious about scoring well on the GMAT, you should invest in Stuart's service. I promise you that you will not be disappointed! THANK YOU STUART!"


Jorge H., Los Angeles, California
2009 Client – Accepted at UCLA Anderson!
"I was really in a pinch just a few days before my GMAT test to go over some quant problems I couldn't figure out. Stuart was really flexible and willing to accommodate me in terms of my schedule. Most importantly he helped restore my confidence in my quant abilities by walking me through all of the problems that had me stumped. He is patient, knowledegable, and best of all has a real talent for making the more difficult aspects of the quant section actually seem easy and manageable."

Philip W., Santa Monica, California
2009 GMAT & MBA Admissions Consulting Client
"I feel very fortunate to have found out about Stuart as I began studying for the GMAT. With only limited time to prepare for the test, it was a great relief to have Stuart there to help me work through my weak spots. I couldn't have asked for someone more knowledgeable, friendly and patient. Not only did he do a great job in improving my performance, he also is a great advisor when it comes to putting together an MBA application. Thanks so much, Stuart!"

Shawn P., New York, New York
2009 GMAT & MBA Admissions Consulting Client
"I contacted Stuart the day before I took the GMAT without having even looked at the essay section. Within an hour, I was comfortable with how to structure and write my essays, and Stuart even gave me a template which was enormously helpful. Although I hadn't originally planned to, I extended my session to go over the quantitative and verbal sections high level. I figured if working with Stuart was that efficient for the essay section I would be crazy not to go over math and verbal with him as well. I just wish I knew about Stuart a couple weeks ago!"

Anderson MBA

Jamie M., Los Angeles, California
2008 Client – Accepted at the UCLA Anderson and USC Marshall!
"Having been away from math for about 5 years, I was pretty rusty. After a few sessions with Stuart, I was back on track! He had great tips for relearning everything and was a great help in tackling the GMAT's extra tricky quant areas. Highly recommend!"

The University of Tampa MBA

Bobby S., Santa Monica, California
2008 GMAT & MBA Admissions Consulting Client – Accepted at the University of Tampa!
"Stuart has helped me to fully understand how to beat the GMAT. He was the ideal tutor and really understood and catered to my weaknesses. His tactics and practical knowledge really gave me the confidence that I needed in order to successfully take the test. His lessons and strategies helped me to simplify the test and accurately break down my weaknesses. Thanks to Stuart, I increased my GMAT score 180 points in less than two months! I also raised my quantitative score 50%! I highly recommend Stuart to anyone looking for an effective way to beat this test! I could not have done it without him! Thank you Stuart."

Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business MBA

Sarah A., Los Angeles, California
2008/2009 GMAT & MBA Admissions Consulting Client – Accepted at Arizona State University Carey with a Substantial Scholarship
"Stuart's expertise was exactly what I needed to increase my GMAT score and feel more confident about the test. After completing a traditional classroom prep course I felt that I needed a personalized, targeted approach in mastering certain areas of the test. Stuart, in providing this approach, explained concepts in a clear and encouraging manner that boosted both my understanding and confidence. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and truly cares about my success. Going in to the GMAT I couldn't have felt more prepared. He helped me SO much, and I can't imagine my success without his expertise during the past couple months! I would highly recommend him. Stuart also helped me prepare for my MBA admissions interviews. His advice was right on in terms of what to expect in my real interviews. I've already gotten one acceptance letter, and I'm just waiting for the rest to come!"

Dave M., New York, New York
2008 Client – 70 Point Increase, Scored 680!
"I took the GMATs the first time and scored a 610. Looking to improve my Quantitative score (33), I worked with Stuart. He made the math MUCH less daunting. He quickly identified my weaknesses, and focused our sessions on those. It worked. I improved to a 46 Quant, 680 overall. A 70 point improvement! He is worth much more than he charges."

Tony C., Pasadena, California
2008 Client
"I just want to say that you really are a great teacher. As you know, I had already studied on my own and taken a class with Manhattan GMAT, and I did benefit from each. However, working one on one with you was truly something I needed to achieve my goal. Thanks again Stuart and if any of my friends need tutoring I will be sure to give them your number."

Elsa J., Los Angeles, California
2008 Client – Scored 700!
"It was a pleasure working with Stuart. I needed his help in a pinch, and he accommodated my schedule and provided excellent tutoring assistance. I was impressed by the way he was able to answer my questions so quickly and efficiently, and I felt more confident on test day because I had worked with him. Stuart is extremely adept at tutoring for this test, and I would highly recommend him."

Jenny W., Temple City, California
2008 Client
"Unlike any other GMAT prep courses where they teach you tricks and shortcuts to solve the problems, the tutoring I did with Stuart  provided me with a solid foundation and the necessary skills to approach the quantitative problems.  He effectively helped me tackle probability and inequality questions, which were my weaknesses.  With his immense knowledge, I was able to increase my quantitative score, which boosted my confidence, and lessened my stress.  And best yet, unlike other GMAT programs, I was able to get one-on-one attention at a very reasonable price."

Alexia T., Huntington Beach, California
2008 Client
"Not satisfied with the Princeton Review GMAT course, I decided to work with Stuart. He helped boost my quant and critical reasoning skills and showed me new ways to look at problems. He was easy to work with and patient, and I’d highly recommend him."

Patrick H., San Jose, California
2008 Client
"Stuart’s lessons are a true value. I was enrolled in a 7-week GMAT Prep course, and Stuart’s private tutoring truly complemented my coursework. Money well spent."

UCLA Anderson MBA

Chad W., Los Angeles, California
2007 Client – Scored 720 and Accepted at UCLA Anderson!
"I highly recommend Stuart for tutoring and test taking assistance. I was in a situation where I had very limited time to prepare for the GMAT, and tutoring with Stuart helped me to stay calm and focused during my exam. This combined with the confidence I gained while working with him, helped me to achieve a score of 720 on the exam with limited preparation time. I was thrilled and am so thankful for Stuart's help. I think simply brilliant says it well. Thanks, Stuart!"

Sivanthie O., Culver City, California
2007 Client
"I'm writing as a reference for Stuart. We have met several times so that he can assist me primarily with GMAT math problems. I had taken the Manhattan GMAT course, however needed additional assistance with the Quantitative side of the test. Stuart is quite knowledgeable regarding this material and has helped me immensely."

Matt C., Los Angeles, California
2007 Client
"I took an "elite" GMAT course then took the GMAT for the first time. But after working with Stuart, I took the exam again and improved my score. I think Stuart really helped me in some of my weaker areas. Stuart taught me some techniques not covered in my course that I found really helpful in improving my score."