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Streamline your GMAT prep by learning the best strategies in ten 2-hour sessions

Online GMAT Prep Course

US$795 for ten 2-hour sessions

If you + 1 friend take the course together, you can each take $50 off...
You + 2 friends = each take $75 off
You + 3 friends = each take $100 off
You + 4 friends = each take $125 off
You + 5 friends = each take $150 off
You + 6 friends = each take $175 off
You + 7 friends = each take $200 off

Click the "Register Now" button above and complete the registration form to indicate what days of the week and what times of day work for you. Once we get 5+ people who can meet at the same time, we will schedule a class. Payments are due when the class is scheduled. You don't need to pay when you register.

Current Registrations
1 person in the Eastern time zone: Tu, W, Th evenings or weekends

1 person in the Pacific time zone: M&F
1 person in the Pacific time zone: T/W/F/S/Su 1pm+ M/Th 9a-3p
1 person in the Pacific time zone: 10am-5pm any day
1 person in the Pacific time zone: M, Tu, W 6:30-9pm; Sat 10am-4pm; Sun 10am-9pm
1 person in the Pacific time zone: weekdays 6-9pm, Sundays 9am-9pm

GMAT e-Learning

Simply Brilliant’s GMAT classes are conducted online via GoToMeeting. We use pen-enabled laptops for fast explanations and markups, and we can access e-book copies of all the best GMAT books. GoToMeeting is easy to use and free for class participants (we pay for the subscription). Its features include screen sharing, zoom, mute and chat as well as Internet audio (VOIP) and optional call-in audio with U.S. call-in telephone numbers.

Class Structure
Ten 2-hour sessions held twice per week over 5 weeks.

Week 1
Session 1: Overall Strategies & Data Sufficiency
Session 2: Quant Part 1

Week 2
Session 3: Critical Reasoning Part 1
Session 4: Critical Reasoning Part 2 + Reading Comprehension

Week 3
Session 5: Quant Part 2
Session 6: Quant Part 3

Week 4
Session 7: Sentence Correction Part 1
Session 8: Sentence Correction Part 2 + Analytical Writing Assessment

Week 5
Session 9:   Quant Part 4 & Integrated Reasoning
Session 10: Quant Part 5

Small Class Size
Unlike other GMAT classes, Simply Brilliant's classes are limited to 8 participants.

A Holistic Approach
The Simply Brilliant GMAT course takes a holistic approach and emphasizes the best strategies for maximizing your score. You will learn how to:

  • Structure an effective study plan to acquire all the
    “hard skills” and “soft skills” you’ll need to succeed

  • Master the strategies for every question type

  • Build speed and perfect your pacing

  • Train your brain for the GMAT's "mental game" challenges

  • Set yourself up for success by following key tactical/practical tips

Recommended Materials
Only the Official Guide (latest edition) is essential for the class. The least expensive place to order any of the following is usually Many of the books are available as ebooks. The GMAT Official Guide and Manhattan Prep books are also generally available at Barnes & Noble stores. The 3 GMAT Official Guide books and the Manhattan Prep strategy guides are sold individually or as sets at, so if you want all the books in either set, be sure to order them as a set to get the discounted price. The Veritas Prep set is generally only available as a complete set.

  • The GMAT Official Guide (latest edition)

  • The GMAT Official Guide Quantitative Review (latest edition)

  • The GMAT Official Guide Verbal Review (latest edition)

  • Manhattan Prep Foundations of GMAT Math

  • If you want a complete set of "elite" GMAT books, then get the 12-book Veritas Prep set

  • If you want only selected "elite" books, then get the Manhattan Prep Word Problems, Number Properties and Sentence Correction books as well as the Veritas Prep Data Sufficiency and Statistics & Combinatorics book.

  • EZ Solutions Test Prep Series Math Practice Basic Workbook

  • Manhattan Prep Test Simulation Booklet w/ Marker

When you pay for your first session, you'll receive my 10-page GMAT Notes document with tips, resources and math review, a set of math memorization slides, and a Word document with a sample AWA essay template.

After each class, you'll receive a list of practice problems that will reinforce the concepts covered in class.

A headset is not necessary, but if you prefer to use one, the Logitech Stereo Headset H111 is an inexpensive choice available for less than US$10 + shipping at

Requests for refunds of advance payments must be received at least 48 hours prior to the start of the class. If a class session is canceled by Simply Brilliant or if you are dropped from a class by Simply Brilliant, you will receive a prorated refund.