Harvard Grad GMAT Instructor with 99th Percentile Scores

  • Top-rated professional GMAT instructor for one of the "elite" GMAT prep companies with extensive experience teaching online and live classes
  • Experience helping many students raise their scores after taking the most popular GMAT courses
  • Scored 760 (99th percentile) the first time I took the GMAT, with 99th percentile quant & verbal scores. The GMAT's updated scoring algorithm would now translate my quant and verbal scores into a total score of 780 or higher.
  • Harvard degree: AB cum laude with a concentration in Applied Math/Economics
  • Scored 99th percentile on SAT math & verbal
  • Scored 99th percentile on PSAT math & verbal
  • National Merit Scholar
  • High school valedictorian in class of over 600 students

I am a Harvard grad GMAT instructor, and I have developed my expertise in part by teaching many live and online GMAT classes for the “elite” GMAT company with the most comprehensive curriculum. I have been ranked one of that company’s top instructors in the world. Through Simply Brilliant, I have tutored 1,000+ GMAT clients in private sessions, including many who have already taken the most popular GMAT courses. As a result, I have developed an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of those other courses. In my classes and tutoring sessions, you'll get the best of the best GMAT strategies.

I was one of the first people ever accepted for a joint master's degree at Yale's School of Management and Graduate School of International Relations.