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Whether you have already taken a GMAT course or you are just getting started, Simply Brilliant will help you to maximize your scores. Using Simply Brilliant’s comprehensive GMAT curriculum, we can cover every topic in a structured program or just focus on specific areas. You’ll learn the content, master the question types, and set yourself up for a peak performance on exam day with the best test-taking strategies, shortcuts, study plans and more. Once you get a great GMAT score, Simply Brilliant can work with you on your applications to help you get accepted at your top choice schools!

Harvard Grad Expert GMAT Instructor Offering an Online GMAT Class and Private GMAT Tutoring

  • Top-rated professional GMAT instructor for one of the “elite” GMAT prep companies with extensive experience teaching online and live classes
  • Scored 760 with 99th percentile quant & verbal scores the first time I took the GMAT. The GMAT's updated scoring algorithm would now translate my quant and verbal scores into a total score of 780 or higher.
  • Harvard degree in Applied Math/Economics
  • Experience helping many students raise their scores after taking the most popular GMAT courses

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  • "Working online with Stuart was a game changer... I scored a 770 on the exam, exceeding my wildest expectations, and I have Stuart to thank!... Stuart introduced incredible clarity and focus to my studying, empowering me with eye-opening strategies to manage my time, navigate GMAT tricks, and employ straightforward approaches in responding to the most challenging problems... working with him gave me true 'bang for my buck.' I can't recommend him strongly enough, and will continue to talk him up to my colleagues and friends pursuing the GMAT."Sam D., July 2016. Scored 770!

  • "I started my GMAT journey with a very unbalanced score. I was somewhere around 42V, 38Q. By the time I finished working with Stuart, I was scoring a 48Q."Jake M., July 2016. Scored 730!

    "I'm the type of person who thoroughly researches before choosing a private tutor, and I would recommend Stuart to anyone taking the GMAT!"Irene L., Sept 2015. Scored 750!

    "I can't recommend Simply Brilliant more highly. If you feel like you have plateaued with your GMAT prep and need an extra boost, Stuart should be your first call."Kristen M., Feb 2015. Scored 710, a 50 point gain. Accepted at Columbia!

  • "Stuart was able to craft an effective study plan for me, focusing on the areas where I was weakest. His review sessions were very helpful and easy to follow, and he is a very patient tutor. The tips he offered on how to take the test helped me to achieve the score I wanted and get into UC Berkeley Haas. I highly recommend him!"Nicole E., January 2015. Scored 700+!

    "If you are looking for someone to help you get to the next level, I strongly recommend that you contact Stuart."Sam L., June 2014. Scored 750, a 70 point gain!

    Scored 780!Christine F., August 2014

  • Scored 720!Kabir J., October 2014

    "With Stuart's assistance, I managed to get my score up to a 720 on test day, and I was recently admitted to Columbia Business School."Lincoln W. - 2013 Client Accepted at Columbia!

  • "Stuart helped me get into the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania... My GMAT score improved by more than 100 points in about 6 weeks of practice. I would highly recommend Stuart to anyone looking for help on the GMAT."Amit P. - 2013 Client Accepted at Wharton!

  • "I took the GMAT... and scored a 760... I strongly recommend Stuart at the classes... via GoToMeeting... worked well."Joe H. - 2012 GMAT & MBA Admissions Consulting Client Accepted at Harvard Business School!

  • Scored 750 on the GMAT and accepted at the Stanford Graduate School of Business!2012 Client from Palo Alto, California

  • "I got into Wharton, Chicago Booth, and NYU Stern. I greatly appreciate your help on the GMAT and have recommended you and Simply Brilliant to some of my coworkers who are studying for the GMAT."2012 Client from Newport Beach, California

  • "Stuart is knowledgeable, patient, and well-equipped to help improve the score of any applicant. I enjoyed working with him."Jason L. - Accepted at Stanford with a 700+ Score!

  • "This week I learned that I have been accepted to Wharton! I could not have tackled the GMAT without Stuart's help. It was a challenge for me to get back up to speed on my math skills and I had attempted it with both Manhattan GMAT classes and another private tutor but nothing worked until I found Stuart and immediately things began to fall into place. I initially was hesitant to do online tutoring so I opted for in-person sessions the first couple of times. After giving an online session a try, I realized that it actually worked well and was quite convenient. Thank you Stuart!"Sebastian G. - Accepted at Wharton with a 700+ Score!

  • "After initially not getting into the schools I wanted with a score of 650 (49 on the quant, 30 on the verbal), I worked with Stuart ... I really started to feel confident ... and got a 770 (50 on the quant, 42 on the verbal). I would definitely recommend Stuart going forward for those of you wanting to improve your verbal score!"Natalie O. – Scored 770 and Accepted at Wharton with a Scholarship!

  • "With his help I was able to raise my score well over 100 points and was accepted by all 3 schools I applied to... I don't believe I could have achieved this without his help." Miguel P. – Accepted at Columbia, NYU and USC!

    "...dramatically improved my score... between 120 and 150 points... Simply Brilliant's application consulting was also very beneficial." Ryan B. - Accepted at His First Choice Business School with a $75,000 Scholarship!

  • "I was accepted into the Tuck class of 2014 after working with Stuart to bump my score from a 690 to 760...I highly recommend Stuart to anyone who has put in a significant amount of study time on their own and are looking to break out of the inevitable "plateau" of progress to get to the next level."Joe P. - Scored 760!

  • Achieved a 40 point increase and got accepted at Northwestern Kellogg!Member of the White House Staff

  • "Stuart was very receptive of what I was trying to accomplish and did not waste time on areas he realized I was already good at. I shared my past tests with Stuart, and we then worked on questions that I got wrong or on questions where I took too much time. Stuart shared great tips and strategies on handling all types of questions."Dev - Scored 740!

  • "You have to go to Stuart if you want to do well on your GMAT! I drove four hours round trip once a week to see Stuart just because I knew he was the best. All in all, after only four sessions I was able to raise my score 40 points!... It is rare to find tutor who is intelligent, helpful, motivating and who genuinely wants you to do your best. I only wish I had met Stuart earlier in my GMAT process."Michelle R. - Accepted at Georgetown McDonough!

  • "I enjoyed every session with Stuart. I would recommend Stuart to all my friends and to people who want the best." Dominic S. - Accepted at Nanyang and Thunderbird!

    "...His precision and hardwork is definitely an asset to anybody looking for some immediate assistance. Extremely patient and completes work bang on time!...You are "Simply Brilliant" Stuart! Keep rocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!" M.S. - Accepted at the University of Washington and Rutgers!

  • "I took Stuart's 4-week online GMAT prep course and supplemented my prep with a few of his individual tutoring sessions… With Stuart's help, I managed to increase my GMAT score by 80 points and gained admission to my first choice top-tier MBA program." Jeff R. – Accepted at UCLA Anderson!

    "After following his guidelines for a few months, I took the GMAT and did great. Let's just say that my score is firmly in the zone for all the top schools." Justin S. - Accepted at Columbia!

  • "Stuart is an amazing tutor / teacher and admissions consultant… Thank you Stuart! I attribute all my success to you!" Christina W. – Accepted at her first choice business school!

    "Thanks to Stuart, I increased my GMAT score 180 points in less than two months!..." Bobby S.

  • "Stuart’s help with GMAT test-taking strategies, sentence correction and tough quant problems helped me achieve a 99th percentile quant score and a 710 overall."David D. - Accepted at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business!

  • "Stuart helped me bring my score from 570 on practice tests to 700 on the official GMAT!" Mark M. – GMAT & MBA Admissions Consulting Client Accepted at Columbia-London Business School!

  • "I took my test ... and scored a 710 - a full 130 points higher than any score I had before studying with Stuart. Not only that, but my Quant score jumped from 40th percentile to 77th percentile." Patrick B. - Accepted at UCLA Anderson and USC Marshall!

  • "I previously took a Manhattan GMAT course online and hardly saw an improvement in my score... Stuart took a look at my diagnostic tests and we chugged through all of my weakest topics in 3-4 sessions... Ultimately I saw a 50 point increase in my score and higher than I was shooting for."Paul Z. - Achieved 700+ Score

  • "I applied to four highly competitive schools for which my GMAT score was fairly below the average... After working with Stuart I was accepted to three of the four programs! ... I highly recommend Stuart, and believe anyone lucky enough to work with him will have an advantage over all other applicants."Adam N.

  • "Your quant skill was rivalled only by your patience…" Hillary M. - Accepted with a Scholarship at INSEAD!

    "Thanks for your superb tutorial skills. Your support was wonderful, and I raised my score 70 points!" Dan H.

  • "I credit Stuart with my 140 point increase on the GMAT! … I whole-heartedly recommend Stuart's Simply Brilliant Test Prep as the program that truly delivers." Jenna V. – Accepted with a Scholarship at Cornell & Accepted at Georgetown!

  • "I took an 'elite' GMAT course then took the GMAT for the first time. But after working with Stuart, I took the exam again and improved my score." Matt C.

    "…a great help in tackling the GMAT's extra tricky quant areas. Highly recommend!" Jamie M. - Accepted at UCLA Anderson and USC Marshall!

  • "In a very short period of time … Stuart helped me to boost my GMAT score almost 100 points." Eli R.

    "Stuart's assistance with my GMAT preparation was invaluable … I was able to retake the exam and increased my score by 110 points!" Lauren C.

  • "It really was a good decision that I made to sign-up for your course…" S.U.

    "Stuart was a tremendous help with my GMAT preparation… he helped me improve my score by 100 points." Sam P. – Accepted at Pepperdine!

  • "Stuart has a vast collection of need-to-know rules and tricks you won’t find in any published prep materials… I know it is because of him I got the score I once felt was out of my reach." Lindsay Z. – Accepted at Duke, NYU, UCLA & UNC!

  • "...he helped restore my confidence in my quant abilities... He is patient, knowledgeable, and best of all has a real talent for making the more difficult aspects of the quant section actually seem easy and manageable." Jorge H.

  • "I can't imagine my success without his expertise during the past couple months!" Sarah A. – Accepted at her first choice school with a substantial scholarship!

    "...A 70 point improvement! He is worth much more than he charges." Dave M.

  • "I took a Kaplan course, and it did not boost my score as I had hoped. I needed to increase my GMAT score 60 points... and was able to improve my score exactly 60 points! I couldn't have done it without Stuart!" Kristin O. - Accepted at Drucker!

  • "Stuart is extremely adept at tutoring for this test, and I would highly recommend him." EJ

    "...With his immense knowledge, I was able to increase my quantitative score, which boosted my confidence, and lessened my stress." Jenny W.

  • "Stuart helped me to stay calm and focused during my exam. This combined with the confidence I gained while working with him, helped me to achieve a score of 720 on the exam with limited preparation time." Chad W. – Accepted at UCLA Anderson!

  • "Stuart helped me increase my GMAT score 160 points..." Harpal S. – Accepted at USC Marshall!

    "Stuart is an exceptional educator…" Naghmeh R.

    "Stuart is professional, knowledgeable, and most important of all, personable… my score went up 60 points!" Jenn K. – Accepted at UC Irvine & USC!

  • "He is the real deal!..." Kiyumars K. – Accepted at Pepperdine!

    "...Within an hour, I was comfortable with how to structure and write my essays..." Shawn P.

  • "Not satisfied with the Princeton Review GMAT course, I decided to work with Stuart. He helped boost my quant and critical reasoning skills and showed me new ways to look at problems." Alexia T.

  • "...I had hit a wall where I was convinced I had reached my potential. One study session with Stuart obliterated that notion, and I was able to exceed my 'best case' scoring expectations." Yale S.

    "...Stuart is an amazing tutor...I felt much better prepared for the exam. I highly recommend him if you need help with the GMAT, which I definitely did!" Ann K.

  • " really are a great teacher..." Tony C.

    "...Money well spent." Patrick H.

  • "...I completed a Kaplan prep course, but still felt very unprepared... I experienced noticeable improvement on my practice tests within a couple of weeks of working with Stuart and ultimately achieved a 690 on the official GMAT." Evan K.

  • "I feel very fortunate to have found out about Stuart... Not only did he do a great job in improving my performance, he also is a great advisor when it comes to putting together an MBA application." Philip W.

  • "I had taken the Manhattan GMAT course, however needed additional assistance with the Quantitative side of the test. Stuart is quite knowledgeable regarding this material and has helped me immensely." Sivanthie O.

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