Online GMAT Group Class Registration

Once we get 5+ people who can meet at the same time, we will schedule a class. The cost is US$795 (less if you take the class with friends), and you don't need to pay when you register. Payments are due when the class is scheduled. We will send you payment options when we send you proposed dates and times for a class. Only fields with asterisks (*) are required.

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Important Policies + Recommendations

Cancellations + Refunds
Please note that refunds will only be made for sessions canceled at least 48 hours in advance.

GMAT Official Guide
Please remember to purchase the latest edition of the GMAT Official Guide and have it available for each class. I recommend ordering the latest 3-book set that includes the GMAT Official Guide, GMAT Official Guide Quantitative Review and GMAT Official Guide Verbal Review. This bundle is available at

Calling in by Phone
If you are planning to call in by telephone for audio, please note that the call-in numbers will most likely be non-local U.S. phone numbers.

Internet Audio / Headsets
If you are planning to use GoToMeeting's audio over the Internet (VOIP) rather than call in by phone, you may want to use a headset. The Logitech Stereo Headset H111 is an inexpensive choice available for less than US$10 + shipping at